Health – There’s More Than One Method

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Health benefits can be achieved in many different ways

Welcome to “Roll Into Health”. I’m your host, Jay Michaels. While I am not a nutritionist by trade, I’ve done research on how to become healthy and stay there. As you’ll see, it isn’t just about physical health. It’s also about mental health. You see, they are connected. When one of them isn’t at 100 percent, the other one will surely follow suit. It is my hope that, together on this journey, we can keep moving forward to achieve our best possible self.

Physical Health

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Jogging is just one way to improve your physical health

We all know that it’s important. After all, our bodies are like machines. If one part goes bad, the rest of the machine won’t work. So, it is up to us to keep it fine-tuned. I can attest to that. I’m 5′ 5″ and, back in 2015, I weighed 215 pounds. It was mostly fat and hardly any muscle. On top of that, my blood pressure was 170 / 133 – yes, you read that right. I was a human heart attack waiting to happen. So, I needed to do something – and fast.

Over the past three years, I started working out more. I did more cardio (gotta love that incumbent cross-trainer), and I worked on my biceps, abs, and legs. Sure, my job and school got in the way sometimes. But, I had to make sure I focused on myself. If not, that machine would have broken down.

Mental Health

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When Your mental health decreases, you sometimes feel like you’re in a forest

I’ve also come to realize just how important a person’s mental health can be. For years, I dealt with depression and anxiety. Sure, I still do at times. But, I’ve learned to control it because – really – it’s all about me. The way I perceived things, and what I let (and didn’t let) into my life definitely affected that. There’s no way around that. I had to get control of my life back.

So, over the years, I’ve learned what situations and people were toxic – and I’ve let them all go. If it didn’t make me happy, it simply disappeared. Now, I no longer make time to try to appease people if they don’t want to communicate with me. After all, communication isn’t just vital. It’s also a two-way street.

I’ve also learned other ways to work on myself. Not only does exercise help. It’s also the food you put into your body. Making healthier decisions about foods will improve your health.

But wait (as they say)! There’s more!

There are plenty of methods to help you improve. Things like yoga, enjoying nature and taking a stroll in your favorite park are just some of them.

My Previous Writing

This website used to be called jay-michaels.com. As such, I have decided to leave previous content such as blogs, journalistic clips, and my resume. After all, growing means learning from the past. So, have a look. There’s also a page about accessibility. As a person with a disability, I understand the need for accessible websites. So, you can read the Accessibility Statement by clicking here.

Join Me On The Health Improvement Journey

As we all know, improving your health – in any way – is difficult to do by yourself. So, let’s come together and help one another in improving our health. I leave you with a great quote…

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Have a great day!